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Lila Molly Jennings

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Name:Lila Molly Jennings
Birthdate:Jun 21
Location:New York, New York, United States of America

Walk, walk fashion baby
Work it, move that bitch crazy
Walk, walk passion baby
Work it, I'm a free bitch, baby

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Lila Molly Jennings is the second child of Heather and Joe Jennings. She has an older sister, Sally, who is 2 minutes older than her, and two younger brothers: Brett, who is 7 minutes younger than her, and Zed, who is two years younger than the triplets, and came to their family as a foster child. She, Sally and Brett were in their first year of college when Zed arrived, and as far as they were all concerned, he was their brother in every way but blood. Zed was a bit messed up when he arrived to live with them, having come from an abusive family who wouldn't give up their parental rights to him so the triplet's parents could never adopt him. It didn't matter. Despite the tough start Zed had adjusting to the new family environment, he soon knew they all cared about him unconditionally.

The triplets were all different, but Lila wouldn't say they were polar opposites. They have a lot in common, and growing up, were all quite close. Lila was always very driven to succeed, and though she did date in high school, she was far more focused on building a career and a future for herself. She began modelling at 16, though her goal was never to be a career model, and was able to save the money she needed to pay for college out of pocket instead of taking out crippling student loans. It was through modelling that she met Tristan Hewitt, who would go on to become one of her dearest friends.

Lila and her siblings had already started college when their parents took Zed in, and as far as the three of them were concerned, they had another brother. None of them used the word "foster" to refer to him. He was their brother. They loved him. They were fiercely protective of him, and would've done anything they could to keep him safe. He'd come from a horrible home environment, and though all three triplets were away at college, they made it a point to come home as much as they could to spend time with their new brother and make him feel loved and welcome. Things would never just be easy, but they would still stick together through thick and thin. There was never an us and them feeling in the Jennings family. Zed was part of the us as far as they were concerned, and that was just how it was.

During her time in college, Lila pursued a degree in fashion marketing, and when she graduated, Tristan invited her to come and work for him at FABULOUS, one of the top fashion magazines in the world. She is currently working as his PA, but knowing her ambitions, he gives her every opportunity to network and get involved on the marketing side of things. The two of them are thick as thieves, and she is every bit the fag hag, and damn proud of it, too. She's eternally grateful to be back in New York, close to her parents, Zed, and Sally, but would give anything to have Brett in the City, too. At the moment, she remains single, though she does go on dates, because if she does actually settle into a relationship, she wants it to be worth her time with someone really special.

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